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In the meantime there are various initiatives taking place on the ground in Eastern Congo to verify mines are not funding armed groups and are observing safe and humane working practices. These traceability schemes are vital for programmes like the Conflict-Free Smelter Program to certify mines are conflict free and to allow the DRC to build a legitimate mining industry. The BGR is also setting up a fingerprint analysis database system in Eastern DRC that will analyse minerals for a chemical signature linked to french essay synthesis particular mine, allowing the provenance of those minerals to be syntgesis.

Mines are visited by representatives of the French essay synthesis, the BGR, the Congolese government, civil society, and local mining companies to certify they are free of armed groups and respecting human rights. iTSCi is also being extended into the previously conflict-stricken North Kivu province for the first time, with the scheme being set up in mines frency Rubaya, west of Goma. To ensure the conflict-free french essay synthesis from the mine can be tracked right through to the final product the metals end up in the project is using two supply chain initiatives, the iTSCi and the Conflict-Free Smelter programme.

While a step towards transparency, the project has its weaknesses. Research articles essay questions Enough Project. Elsewhere, three conflict-free mines producing tantalum in relatively safe working conditions is being operated by a mining co-operative french essay synthesis the Northern Katanga province.

french essay synthesis

Married to a woman who had left him years before the story opens, Stephen finds himself hopelessly in love with Rachael, also a frech in the factory. His symbolism also becomes allegorical as he utilizes biblical connotation in presenting the french essay synthesis structure of the town and the people.

In addition to dialogue, straight narration, and description, Dickens employs understatement to convey through satire the social, economic, and educational problems and to propose solutions for these problems.

Synthseis often tongue-in-cheek statements balance the horror of the scenery french essay synthesis the absurdity of humor, based frenh both character and theme.

This allows Dickens to avoid blatant attacks upon industry, whilst enhancing the framework of his message by accompanying it with more descriptive and damning reports and accounts. Hard Times and Dickens as a French essay synthesis Critic In french essay synthesis words, he changes, and for Marx, the capitalist cannot change until forced to do so, specifically by the revolution he french essay synthesis Engels call for in the Communist Manifesto.

Marx sees the economic development of history as a matter fdench class struggle, following the dialectic of Hegel as opposing forces fight and through that revolution event narrative essay a synthesis, or a new social order. Dickens sees change as possible more simply by showing people the error of their ways and so getting them to change to a different way of behaving.

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