Gender differences in education essay example

Colonialism was a way of showing the racial superiority by the European countries. One can assume that it was gendsr that defined the further development of India. It gender differences in education essay example that post-colonial period should be more lesson before dying essay prompts for India but religious and ethnic conflicts do not allow people to live calmly and freely.

With regard to British and Indian relationships, it is necessary to state that those were ambiguous. British colonialism left a trace on the Indian population and culture.

There was no traffic on the roads. The streets were lonely and deserted. Even a hand could not see the other hand. Such a thick layer of water vapors made everything dim and obscure. The sky was not visible. Here and there a solitary figure moved.

The lone constable at the crossing looked sad and pathetic. There was differehces to obey his directions.

gender differences in education essay example

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